The Secret to Ripped Six Pack Abs

Crazy toned and ripped six pack abs. That’s the key to showing an awesome body. If you think that all training is about is making sure your chest is big enough to make your shirt hang out past your stomach then you’re missing the boat. Because chiseled abs are awesome abs.

How do you get ripped abs?

It’s about diet, cardio and hard ab routines.  While I’ll give you the low down on how to burn in some washboard six pack abs with this killer ab routine and save the diet ramble for the main book Fat To Fit.
First of all if your not training abs, start. Because that would be beginner ab routine phase one! Three sets of crunches for 20 reps a set. Also, if that’s not a problem then superset each set of crunches with a set of hip roles, followed by a brief 30 second rest to let the burn fizzle a bit. Ab exercises, great fat burners too!
For hip roles you lie on the ground pushing down with your hands and raise your pelvis off the floor so the tail bone comes right up and squeeze the abs!
Last step in the beginner ab routine is to add in some bridges or “planks” as some “guru’s” of fitness have coined them. This is basically a pushup position but you don’t rest on your hands, you rest on your forearms and just hold it for 30-60 seconds. Also, don’t let your lower back sag! Keep a slightly inverted c posture like your trying to pull your hips toward your chin.

So here is the ab routine once you are working all exercises together.

Beginner six pack ab routine phase 1: Crunch x20 Hip roll x20 Bridge for 30-60 seconds Rest and repeat for 3 circuits or just keep rotating through! Alright enough of the easy stuff, we’re here for some serious six pack  abs, killer abs.
Onto Ab Routine 2: The ab killer! I love pet names. This ab routine will all be done on the decline bench.

The first ab exercise? Decline hip roll/leg raise. 

Step 1: Put your head where your feet should be
Step 2: grab the bench or the footholds; whichever is more comfortable (not that it will matter in a few minutes)!
Step 3: Stretch out and do a straight-legged leg raises.
Step 4: once at the top of the leg raise turn it into a hip roll so that you point your feet at the ceiling. Hold for a three count and go back down!
Second  six pack ab routine exercise:   Incline sit-ups:
 1: put your feet in the foot holds (you’ve turned around!)
   2: Lower yourself until you’re about a foot short of lying fully back
 3: Come back up if you’re still with me!

Third ab routine exercise:

Incline Russian twists (even sounds evil doesn’t it?)
Step 1: don’t move out of the sit up position. Just grab a medicine ball or a 10- pound weight.
Step 2: straighten fully your arms right to your front and lower yourself to the bottom position of the incline sit up and hold it.
Step 3: Rotate to the right 90 degrees with your arms straight and then back to the left at 90 degrees. That’s one rep. You don’t come out of the bottom at all! Fun huh?
Here it is ab routine layout:
Leg raise/hip roll x20
Incline sit-ups x20
Russian twists x20 or 40 if you count both sides! No rest between ab exercises, and only 30-60 seconds rest after completing the tri-set.

Third Ab Routine:

And the grand daddy hardest ab routine ever? For mortals anyway? Because I remember something about homer Simpson and a cannon ball, but I think you need to have access to the applesauce bar for that ab routine to work!
Well let’s call it the “commando cardio ab annihilation” workout. I have to have a fancy name on it or you wouldn’t be interested! It involves a pre-stretch, a contraction and dynamic stabilization (I just made that up, but you get the idea) exercise. Here are the ab routine exercises.
1. Smith machine, Swiss ball hip rolls
2. Partner resisted Swiss ball crunches
3. Swiss ball rollouts
4. Profuse sweating and clutching of the stomach.

Ab routine exercise 1: Smith machine, Swiss ball hip rolls:

1.Set the bar low in the smith machine, just below the top of the Swiss ball.
2. Sit on the ball and roll out so that you have to reach back and grab the bar as you lie on the ball. You should be about 2-3 feet away, stabilizing your self by holding the bar and flexing everything!
3. Using only your abs, stretch your pelvis down as low as it will go and then do a hip roll. Legs straight is the hardest.

Ab routine exercise 2: Partner resisted Swiss ball crunches.

1. It’s a normal Swiss ball ab crunch but your arms are crossed across your chest and your “friend” pushes down on your shoulders to apply resistance. That’s it,..ahem.

Ab routine exercise 3: Swiss ball rollouts.

1. Kneel on a pad with legs crossed ball in front of you not on the pad.
2. Your hands are on the ball so it now looks like your praying.
3. Roll the ball out until your straight as a board with your head between your arms and pull it back in.
4. Profuse sweating and clutching of the stomach. This should come naturally.

In a six pack  ab routine all together?

Smith machine/Swiss ball hip rolls x20
Partner resisted Swiss ball crunches x20
Swiss ball rolloutsx20
Rest 30-60 seconds after each tri-set circuit or continue right through if you’re a freak of nature or slightly “touched”. I’ve never gotten 20 on all ab exercises on all three sets in a continuous circuit; let me know if you do!
I’ll have to buckle down!